Practical Tips For Preparing Your Car’s Interior For Cold Weather

posted Jul 04 2018

Leather seats can add a very sophisticated and classy touch to your vehicle. But without taking the proper care and maintenance for it in the winter months, your leather auto upholstery can become cracked and damaged. Luckily though, there are some preventative measures car owners can take to protect and maintain their upholstery this time of the year.

At Award Trimming, our auto upholstery team in Melbourne works hard to help car owners repair and restore the interior of their vehicle. Whether you need help breathing new life into the seats of your sedan, SUV, or even your boat, our team of experienced technicians have the knowledge and equipment to complete your custom work.

To know how you can prevent your vehicle’s leather upholstery from excessive damage in the winter, keep reading:

Keep it clean regularly

The first step is to take care of your vehicle’s leather auto upholstery is to keep it clean and conditioned regularly.  Just as your skin effects from the cold air and pulls all the moisture, the cold weather will do the same to your leather upholstery.

Do not eat in your vehicle.

If you are not a clean eater, then you need to avoid eating in your vehicle.  While crumbs, chips, drips, stained and spills may be easily dismissed at the moment, it’s important to know that these incidents often result in tough stains and drapes which are a hassle to get out.

Frequently, when stains have set into leather auto upholstery, many car owners will try to clean these stains on their own. However, instead of cleaning they put more damage to your leather auto upholstery. That is the reason, we recommend leaving stain removal, and other cleaning tasks to the professionals–like ours at  Award Trimming– or avoid eating in your vehicle altogether.

Do not place bulky or sharp products inside your vehicle.

Avoid putting sharp tools, metal objects, toys, and other bulky items on your leather upholstery. Not only are these items often packed full of dirt and debris which could cause aesthetic damage to your upholstery, but sharp objects could also lead to accidental tears, cracks, dents, and other damages to your seats.

Repair damages quickly by visiting professional upholstery repair company.

Over time, wears and tears to your auto upholstery will become tough to clean.  Many car owners avoid the necessary repair as they may found the crack small at the moment.  But it’s important to keep in mind that these damages can and will quickly spread. It is advised to bring your vehicle into our team of a highly-skilled technician at the first sign of damage.

Interested in learning more about our auto upholstery services in Melbourne or need a quote? Our team has the knowledge and experience to help. Give us a call today.


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