Automobile Head Linings


The roof interior changes the whole feeling of being inside a car. As much as the car interior needs to be stylish and comfortable, the automobile head linings deserve the same. Moreover, for obvious reasons, nobody would enjoy peeling, falling low or flapping roof material inside the car. The headlinings at Award Trimming are crafted to best possible style and functionality – ensuring that the roof of the car is intact with great style quotient.

The damaged roof tops can be due to a wide range of reasons and these pose serious hazards to rear-view for the driver. These also decrease the aesthetic appeal of the automobile. In majority of the cases, as any automobile ages, the headliner of the car has the tendency to become unglued and loose. These headlining can also suffer sun damaged, ultimately needing a replacement from the professionals. So, if have a head lining problem in your vehicles, our experts at Award Trimming have you covered with the best possible solution. We use the best quality non-woven or foam-backed automobile head linings that offer maximum durability and value-for-money.

OUR OPTIONS IN AUTOMOBILE HEAD LININGS MELBOURNE: At Award Trimming, we ensure the best quality automobile head linings with high durability and great workmanship. Our professionals are highly trained to provide the best results, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for all. Our product range includes, but is not limited to,

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