Do You Need New Covers or Upholstery For Your Boat? Call Our Professionals Today

posted Oct 01 2018

Is your boat looking the worse for wear after a fun ride? Pick out your new upholstery and we will get your boat interior looking as good as new! Award Trimming does more than just repairing and restoring car interiors; we reupholster boats too!

No matter the size and style, get prepared this season with our custom boat upholstery service. From custom boat seat covers to canopies, we are here to repair and restore it all. Boats typically get more interior damage than a car. They are susceptible to being out in the sun all the time. Even when they’re stored or not in use, they can be out in the sun all day uncovered.

With the constant contact of moisture, boat seats crack and get weathered at a faster pace than the way car interiors. Also, car interiors rarely get wet or soaked compared to boat upholstery.

No matter your boat seats are made from, even vinyl seats get wet and weathered too. Moisture can sneak into the foam, and once that becomes wet, the interior will begin to rot.

Not only this, Boat covers get worn from the heat too, and those need to be replaced from time to time. Remember, we can create custom boat covers or boat upholstery. No style is unique for our ability.

Get in touch with us today and get your boat ready for this season.


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