Auto Trimmers Give a New Look to Your Car Upholstery!

posted May 25 2018

A sleek looking upholstery adds a glamorous touch to your car.

But, often it is the car upholstery that bears the maximum damage. Cracked, damaged, and dull upholstery is a common sight in many cars.

Reasons for damaged upholstery are many; some of them are Food/Drink spillage, smoker friend dropping ash or burnt cigarette, or harsh weather conditions.

Now, you cannot change your car just because the upholstery is damaged. But, you can repair and restore it, giving a new look to your car.

A professional auto trimmer reupholsters the car interiors. Result – Your car gets back its sleek sophisticated look.

Auto upholstery is more than just repairing/restoring car seats!

A common belief is that auto trimmers reupholster only the car seats.
But, auto trimming involves more than just repairing seats. It covers repairing/restoring many components of a car’s interior like carpet, headliner, convertible roofs, dashboards and door panels. In short, auto trimming is more about rebuilding the interiors and adding finery for your car.

How a skilled upholsterer give your car a new and customized look?

A gentleman once asked: Why hire a professional auto trimmer, when many sites on the internet have DIY tips?

The answer is simple. A skilled auto trimmer will not only repair/restore your car interiors, but will also add finery to give a customized and sleek look.

Other than that, a skilled upholsterer helps you in the following ways:

  • Sometimes, the seat or carpet is beyond repair. It needs replacement. A skilled auto trimmer replaces entire upholstery of your car while taking care of every minute details. For example: In case of replacing a damaged seat, auto upholsterer ensures material is a snug fit and closely resembles the existing interiors.
  • Upholstery repair – Sometimes the damage isn’t too big or widespread. In such case, an experienced upholsterer repairs only the minor damages like burns, cracks or tears, without changing or touching rest of the upholstery.
  •  Restore Upholstery in Vintage cars – If you own a vintage car and want to preserve it, replacing old upholstery might not be a feasible option. And it is here that a skilled upholsterer comes to your help. They preserve and improve the existing upholstery. Result – Your car will look like you bought it yesterday!
  • Customized upholstery – Want a personalized look for your car? The best thing to do is: get a custom upholstery. But, how? By getting help from an auto trimmer. She/he use different type of materials to ensure your car gets a very personalized look and feel.

Remember, whether you want to fix a minor damage or want to redo the car’s interior, it is essential you find a qualified auto-trimmer.

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